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Saturday, 28 April 2012

♥ Nail Art ♥

Hey! Today's secret is about my passion for Nails! See, I have really long nails and so they are really wonderful for doing nail art!

Nail art is a cosmetic process where the nails are beautified to look extra pretty compare to the common boring plain-colored nails!
Now that's an "interesting" nail art! 

I started doing nail art when I was 13 years old! At that time, my mother said that I was now a teenage girl and so I got my own dressing table and cosmetics! So I started my collection.

One day when putting on nail polish, I accidentally spilled another color onto my already painted nail! I freaked out!! BUT, it didn't really look that bad. I realized it looked much better now! So I started experimenting and trying to do different kinds of patterns with it.
This is a rough image of how I did patterns on my nails:

And so I started doing research and taking online tutorials on how to do different kinds of nail arts. I found out that there is a whole world of things to know about nail art! It has become professional beauty component for women today. There are a whole variety of things relating to doing nail art. For example, there is nail art paint, fine brushes specially for nail art! ( I use my old liquid liner brush ) hehehe ^.^

Recently, I found a shop where I can get these supplies and I found a new and very simpler method of doing nail art!
It's called Nail Stamping! The product is by Konad.

Here's how stamping works:

That's my secret to beautiful nails!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

An Unforgettable Time in My Life! ♥

Hey! Today I'm gonna share a little secret on the best holiday I ever had!!

In December 2010, my family and I went on a holiday to Terengganu. It was not exactly a full holiday. My second brother was studying in Batu Rakit, Terenngganu at that time. So, we just took a rid up to send him back after his Christmas holidays. He had to be back by the 27th, so we left a day earlier and spent the extra time hanging out there.

We spent the night in a hotel chalet in Rantau Abang. We saw a banner regarding some event involving turtles. My brother and I got so excited so we urged to stay. But just as we asked about the event, we got disappointed. The event had finished just a day earlier!
So, I straight went to bed with an upset mind.

The next morning, my brother told me that the workers in the hotel told him that if we walk along the beach from the hotel, we might get to a surprise! I Love surprises! So i immediately started walking.

After walking for about 20 minutes, there indeed was a surprise!

It was a Turtle Hatch Center!! They had taken all the turtle eggs laid on the seashore and labelled them according to their birth groups. The hatched hatchlings(baby turtles) were then kept in a big water drum until they are ready to go back into the sea. We say so many batches of hatchlings in different stages of age. This was done because some irresponsible people were stealing turtle eggs to sell & eat!! This way they have a higher chance of survival. 

As it was just a gated area with a roof over it, we could "illegaly" climb in. It was really fun because my parents were doing it with us! Imagine, braking rules with your parents!!
The place fro the eggs(top), place for hatchlings(bottom)

However, the best part was that I got the chance to actually hold a hatchling. It was so cute! Only about 1/3 of my palm!
Leather-back hatchlings

My brother holding up a hatcling-the drum at the back was were they were kept

The majority of them were the leather-back turtles! Other than that, there were also unique ones. There was a white turtle and other huge turtles! There was even one which was said to be the first turtle that came to that shore. Her name is 'Puteri Terengganu'. She was the green-back tutle that was about 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. She kept swimming aroung her big water tank, and each time she hit the walls, there was a loud thump!
 Here's a very short clip of Puteri Terengganu:

 We spent about 2 hours looking the amazing creatures and took so many pictures of them, and then headed back. 

It was really an amazing holiday experience because we were so lucky to see turtles in real life and be able to carry them! That's why it is an unforgettable memory for me.

ღ My Dearest Ones! :)

❀  Family ❀
My family consists if 5 people; dad,mum my two elder brothers n me!
However, when ever I talk about family, the description doesn't stop there. You see, I come from a very BIG(extended) family. On my dad's side, I have 4 uncles and an aunt & on my mum's side I have 5 aunts and an uncle! *note that they're like opposites! ^.^ My dad's family name is Lazarus and well, my mum's side doesn't really have a family name, but we call ourselves the Boomi's. (my grnadfather's name-in short)

 Yes, my cousins are triplets! Here's a close up shot of them! When we were young, they said people used to think we were qua-triplets, because I used to look like them as well! Still, I love them so much!

Well, both my relatives have ton's of children, so yeah! I have a LOT of cousins. Though many, I love each and every one of them!! ♥♥♥

I'm in the mid-age among my cousins in the Lazarus clan, and the eldest girl in the Boomi's clan. So I play different roles on each side. hehehehe! 
In a nutshell, I am proud of the people I grew up around because they are the one's that made me who I am now! ♥

Friday, 20 April 2012

ღ Bharathanatyam ღ

Hey guys and girls! Today I'm going to let you in on a little secret about myself! I'm actually a professional dancer!!

I have been learning dance since I was 5 years old!! According to my family members, I have been showing interest in dance even when I was a toddler! Well it was my mother's dream to be a dancer, but as fate played its games, she didn't get the chance. So, I guess that's why dancing is in my genes! Hehe ^.^

The Slangai worn when dancing
The kind of dancing I learnt is The Indian Traditional Dancing called Bharathanatiyam (Natyam). I love this dance so much because I learn how to tell a story through the expressions and movements! There are mainly 2 major level to achieve, but however there a hundred of types of dances in Natyam. After 4 years of training, I completed my first level of the dance in 2000. The ceremony is called Salangai Pooja.

Since then up untill now, I have performed in numerous stages,temples, halls and even houses! I continue learning the dance but now I am allowed to do public performances. Every year, during the Navaratri period, I dance in the temple almost everyday for a month or so. It is a holy week in the Tamil calendar, thus as Natyam is actualy the dance of the Indian Gods; it is a practice to have dances representing the Gods during this season.  I have been dacing with my sister, Shevany. Thus, the both of us always do the performances together. 

On other occasions, I dance for semi-classical songs in mostly Indian events. I have done dances such as the Snake dance, The Dance of Lord Shiva, Malayalam Kuchipudi, Kathargali. I have even danced on a mud pot! 

Me (on the left) as Lord Shiva & Shevany(right) as Devi Parvathi
Dancing on the mud-pot
I have yet to learn a lot more of the types of dances. One of which include dancing in a tray. In my opinion, dancing in the tray is among the most interesting dances. The dancer dances with both feet in a tray and even moves around with it! 

Recently, ever since I started college, I have stopped dancing and so I have put on A LOT of weight! I WILL one day start back and then I hope one day I hope I will be able to complete my traininf in Bharathanatyam. In Natyam, upon completing the graduation ceremony known as Arangetram, one is now qualified to be a Master/Guru.

One of my life-long dream is to be a guru and open my own dance academy!


So yeah, that's the secret of my passion for dancing! do wish me luck to one day achieve my dream!  

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

★ Chocolate makes ME go wild!

Hey! Today, as I was watching my favorite food channel; the Asian Food Channel I came across a recipe by on of the famous chef's. He is Jamie Oliver and he is well-known all over the world for his recipes! So, he has come out with his latest book; Jamie's Little Boook of Treats. So I searched for the book and found the recipe to one of my all time favorite desserts.

Chocolate Brownies!!
Oh gosh! just looking at it makes me hungry!!
In case you don't know, brownies are a type of dessert that is the perfect combination of the cake's softness and a cookie's crunchiness that melts in the mouth! Each bite is a very filling one that makes your mouth so pampered that it immediately would help itself for another bite! I've tried a few flavors of brownies and YES! chocolate brownies are the best! I think the main reason I fell in love with them is because they are chocolate flavored heaven!

Ok ok, I'm sorry to tempt you so much. So now I'm going to share with you how to make a brownie-Jamie Oliver style! There are other ways to make it, but I find this one really easy and fast! You may be a patient chef, but when it comes to brownies, even Jamie Oliver can't resist just stopping the process and just helping himself to the dough!
Yes, I admit i too do it! Even before I put the dough into the tray, I would have eaten half of it!

Here's the recipe! 
The ingredients you would need are:

  250g unsalted butter
• 200g dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids), broken up into small pieces
• optional: 75g dried sour cherries
• optional: 50g chopped nuts
• 80g cocoa powder, sifted
• 65g plain flour, sifted
• 1 teaspoon baking powder
• 360g caster sugar
• 4 large free-range or organic eggs

chocolate size ^ after broken

You're now only 8 steps away from you're Brownie !!

1) Preheat your oven to 180°C/350°F.
2) Line a 25cm square baking tin with greaseproof paper. 
3)Melt the butter and chocolate pieces in a large bowl over the stove. Mix until mixture is smooth. 
4) Add the cherries and nuts to the mixture. (optional). 
5) In another bowl, mix the cocoa powder,flour, baking powder and sugar. Then, add this to the chocolate and cherries mixture. Stir well.
6) Beat the eggs and add into the mixture. until a silky consistency is obtained. 
7) Pour the mixture into the baking tray and place in the oven for about 25minutes. 
8)allow the tray to cool and carefully transfer into a large chopping board and cut into chunky pieces.


• You do not want to over-cook the brownies because unlike cakes, you don't want a skewer to come out   all clean. 
The brownies should be slightly springy on the outside but still gooey on the inside.
•A dollop of crème fraîche mixed with some orange zest make a wonderful addition to the serving. 

You're Brownies are now ready to eat!  

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

❀ Merdeka Raya in KIC ❀

Hey! Today, I am going to take your through a journey to the past 8 months in Kirkby International College,Cyberjaya! Hold on tight & enjoy the ride!

~MerdekaRaya~ an event I will never forget!
This is because it was the time I really had MY orientation. You see, i joined the college a week later than the others because I was in the second intake. So the others had already gone through orientation and made friends! the only friends I had was my roommate and a few classmates! So this was the first chance for ME to have my orientation as we were having all kinds of activities! It was a Two-day event.

As we were(and still are ) the major group of students in the college, we organized the whole celebration! Yes, at first we were really upset about it.. BUT as we started working on it, we really enjoyed it!

It was an experience where we had to work together so WE ourselves would have fun!

**before D-Day! **

Maman probably carrying a ladder for the first time! ^.^

My Roomate and i racing to blow the balloon!  
 I mean, of course I have worked together to plan a party back home, but that was only in the living room of my house-not a hall bigger than my house! So the scale of preparing the props was always with research and discussions among groups.

I got so many friends in the process! I was meeting a new person almost every hour! We spent almost three days just decorating the auditorium for the event.

**D-Day! ** Day 1: Gamez!!!!

We organized games for the tutor groups to take part in! We had games like

 ❀  Eco-friendly fashion show!

The students had to come up with an outfit using newspaper! 
The warrior!
The princess!

 ❀ Kiss-that flour!!
The conventional find that sweet among the flour telematch!

Awesome facial treatment....

You instantly look fairer! :D

 ❀ The Longest line!
We had to crate the longest line with the group members!

From the external things worn by the members....

The rules said "using the 10 members of the group". So anything and everything was used to make the line longer!

To the members themselves!! 

 ❀ Laughing Hyena -You just have to say the word " HA HA HA"  & all you got to do to win is... NOT LAUGH for real!!

Smiling with a serious laugh! 
So seriously counting! 

 ❀ The coconut bowling- bowling using coconuts of course!

It looks simple right?

*note : the coconut is not a perfect sphere and the bottles are not a solid weight!

 ❀ 'Semakin Jauh, Semakin Sayang! a water-filled game which eventually led to a water-balloon fight!
Sometimes sorry! 

Sometimes safe....

**Day 2: The celebration!! Time to party!!!

We had a lunch celebration in the now beautifully decorated auditorium! There were performances such as dancing, singing, and even poetry! It was trully a day we all become one-hearted Kirbytes!

I did the opening performance which was an Indian traditional dance! ^.^

And the other performances were.....

poetry recital by Adila
singing  songs
Chinese Dance
Malay Dance

& Random Dancing!!!
The best part was when the lecturers and staff got on the floor and started dancing at the end!

But my most favorite performance was the 1Malaysia performance! It was awesome! I don't know how to describe why it was so awesome, so you'll have to see for yourself and find out why....

Awesome right? Who knew a song can be made so interesting just by turning off the lights and moving your hands in front of a blue light!! :)

SO, now you know why I said it was the most memorable event + orientation in Kirkby! We hope that this year, we have a bigger celebration like this, now that the college has more students, including the part time ones!