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Saturday, 28 April 2012

♥ Nail Art ♥

Hey! Today's secret is about my passion for Nails! See, I have really long nails and so they are really wonderful for doing nail art!

Nail art is a cosmetic process where the nails are beautified to look extra pretty compare to the common boring plain-colored nails!
Now that's an "interesting" nail art! 

I started doing nail art when I was 13 years old! At that time, my mother said that I was now a teenage girl and so I got my own dressing table and cosmetics! So I started my collection.

One day when putting on nail polish, I accidentally spilled another color onto my already painted nail! I freaked out!! BUT, it didn't really look that bad. I realized it looked much better now! So I started experimenting and trying to do different kinds of patterns with it.
This is a rough image of how I did patterns on my nails:

And so I started doing research and taking online tutorials on how to do different kinds of nail arts. I found out that there is a whole world of things to know about nail art! It has become professional beauty component for women today. There are a whole variety of things relating to doing nail art. For example, there is nail art paint, fine brushes specially for nail art! ( I use my old liquid liner brush ) hehehe ^.^

Recently, I found a shop where I can get these supplies and I found a new and very simpler method of doing nail art!
It's called Nail Stamping! The product is by Konad.

Here's how stamping works:

That's my secret to beautiful nails!

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