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Sunday, 22 April 2012

An Unforgettable Time in My Life! ♥

Hey! Today I'm gonna share a little secret on the best holiday I ever had!!

In December 2010, my family and I went on a holiday to Terengganu. It was not exactly a full holiday. My second brother was studying in Batu Rakit, Terenngganu at that time. So, we just took a rid up to send him back after his Christmas holidays. He had to be back by the 27th, so we left a day earlier and spent the extra time hanging out there.

We spent the night in a hotel chalet in Rantau Abang. We saw a banner regarding some event involving turtles. My brother and I got so excited so we urged to stay. But just as we asked about the event, we got disappointed. The event had finished just a day earlier!
So, I straight went to bed with an upset mind.

The next morning, my brother told me that the workers in the hotel told him that if we walk along the beach from the hotel, we might get to a surprise! I Love surprises! So i immediately started walking.

After walking for about 20 minutes, there indeed was a surprise!

It was a Turtle Hatch Center!! They had taken all the turtle eggs laid on the seashore and labelled them according to their birth groups. The hatched hatchlings(baby turtles) were then kept in a big water drum until they are ready to go back into the sea. We say so many batches of hatchlings in different stages of age. This was done because some irresponsible people were stealing turtle eggs to sell & eat!! This way they have a higher chance of survival. 

As it was just a gated area with a roof over it, we could "illegaly" climb in. It was really fun because my parents were doing it with us! Imagine, braking rules with your parents!!
The place fro the eggs(top), place for hatchlings(bottom)

However, the best part was that I got the chance to actually hold a hatchling. It was so cute! Only about 1/3 of my palm!
Leather-back hatchlings

My brother holding up a hatcling-the drum at the back was were they were kept

The majority of them were the leather-back turtles! Other than that, there were also unique ones. There was a white turtle and other huge turtles! There was even one which was said to be the first turtle that came to that shore. Her name is 'Puteri Terengganu'. She was the green-back tutle that was about 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. She kept swimming aroung her big water tank, and each time she hit the walls, there was a loud thump!
 Here's a very short clip of Puteri Terengganu:

 We spent about 2 hours looking the amazing creatures and took so many pictures of them, and then headed back. 

It was really an amazing holiday experience because we were so lucky to see turtles in real life and be able to carry them! That's why it is an unforgettable memory for me.

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