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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

❀ Merdeka Raya in KIC ❀

Hey! Today, I am going to take your through a journey to the past 8 months in Kirkby International College,Cyberjaya! Hold on tight & enjoy the ride!

~MerdekaRaya~ an event I will never forget!
This is because it was the time I really had MY orientation. You see, i joined the college a week later than the others because I was in the second intake. So the others had already gone through orientation and made friends! the only friends I had was my roommate and a few classmates! So this was the first chance for ME to have my orientation as we were having all kinds of activities! It was a Two-day event.

As we were(and still are ) the major group of students in the college, we organized the whole celebration! Yes, at first we were really upset about it.. BUT as we started working on it, we really enjoyed it!

It was an experience where we had to work together so WE ourselves would have fun!

**before D-Day! **

Maman probably carrying a ladder for the first time! ^.^

My Roomate and i racing to blow the balloon!  
 I mean, of course I have worked together to plan a party back home, but that was only in the living room of my house-not a hall bigger than my house! So the scale of preparing the props was always with research and discussions among groups.

I got so many friends in the process! I was meeting a new person almost every hour! We spent almost three days just decorating the auditorium for the event.

**D-Day! ** Day 1: Gamez!!!!

We organized games for the tutor groups to take part in! We had games like

 ❀  Eco-friendly fashion show!

The students had to come up with an outfit using newspaper! 
The warrior!
The princess!

 ❀ Kiss-that flour!!
The conventional find that sweet among the flour telematch!

Awesome facial treatment....

You instantly look fairer! :D

 ❀ The Longest line!
We had to crate the longest line with the group members!

From the external things worn by the members....

The rules said "using the 10 members of the group". So anything and everything was used to make the line longer!

To the members themselves!! 

 ❀ Laughing Hyena -You just have to say the word " HA HA HA"  & all you got to do to win is... NOT LAUGH for real!!

Smiling with a serious laugh! 
So seriously counting! 

 ❀ The coconut bowling- bowling using coconuts of course!

It looks simple right?

*note : the coconut is not a perfect sphere and the bottles are not a solid weight!

 ❀ 'Semakin Jauh, Semakin Sayang! a water-filled game which eventually led to a water-balloon fight!
Sometimes sorry! 

Sometimes safe....

**Day 2: The celebration!! Time to party!!!

We had a lunch celebration in the now beautifully decorated auditorium! There were performances such as dancing, singing, and even poetry! It was trully a day we all become one-hearted Kirbytes!

I did the opening performance which was an Indian traditional dance! ^.^

And the other performances were.....

poetry recital by Adila
singing  songs
Chinese Dance
Malay Dance

& Random Dancing!!!
The best part was when the lecturers and staff got on the floor and started dancing at the end!

But my most favorite performance was the 1Malaysia performance! It was awesome! I don't know how to describe why it was so awesome, so you'll have to see for yourself and find out why....

Awesome right? Who knew a song can be made so interesting just by turning off the lights and moving your hands in front of a blue light!! :)

SO, now you know why I said it was the most memorable event + orientation in Kirkby! We hope that this year, we have a bigger celebration like this, now that the college has more students, including the part time ones!

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