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Sunday, 22 April 2012

ღ My Dearest Ones! :)

❀  Family ❀
My family consists if 5 people; dad,mum my two elder brothers n me!
However, when ever I talk about family, the description doesn't stop there. You see, I come from a very BIG(extended) family. On my dad's side, I have 4 uncles and an aunt & on my mum's side I have 5 aunts and an uncle! *note that they're like opposites! ^.^ My dad's family name is Lazarus and well, my mum's side doesn't really have a family name, but we call ourselves the Boomi's. (my grnadfather's name-in short)

 Yes, my cousins are triplets! Here's a close up shot of them! When we were young, they said people used to think we were qua-triplets, because I used to look like them as well! Still, I love them so much!

Well, both my relatives have ton's of children, so yeah! I have a LOT of cousins. Though many, I love each and every one of them!! ♥♥♥

I'm in the mid-age among my cousins in the Lazarus clan, and the eldest girl in the Boomi's clan. So I play different roles on each side. hehehehe! 
In a nutshell, I am proud of the people I grew up around because they are the one's that made me who I am now! ♥

❀ Friends ❀
I am a very social freak! I love making friends and being among people! It drives me crazy if I have to stay aolone even for a day!

So, all my life I've been with so many kinds of friends. However, there is a few that I hold closest to my heart!

 ♥ My sisters!
Both my cousins Shevany & Kavitha. They have been through a lot with me! They always understand me and stand by my side! Shevany is now 17 and Kavitha is now 16. We call ourselves the 3Roses! :P We always stick together and always will!   ♥ ♥

 ♥ My Best Friend
My secondary schoolmate Lakshwini Gunasekaran. She is one person I will never forget in my life, because when my whole world of friends became sore, she was the only one that stood by me and proved that she truly cares! She is a gem of a friend because she is the perfect company a girl would ever want! she understands me in everyway! Even when I make a mistake, she rightfully says it to my face that what I did was wrong! She is the one person that is allowed to slap me because she is the only one that is ALWAYS 100% honest with me! I just love her so much.

Now that she is in AIMST, Kedah; I miss her so dearly. But though so far, she still stays by me every day. That's what I love about her!  ♥♥

So, that's the secret story of the dearst ones in my life! 

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