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Friday, 20 April 2012

ღ Bharathanatyam ღ

Hey guys and girls! Today I'm going to let you in on a little secret about myself! I'm actually a professional dancer!!

I have been learning dance since I was 5 years old!! According to my family members, I have been showing interest in dance even when I was a toddler! Well it was my mother's dream to be a dancer, but as fate played its games, she didn't get the chance. So, I guess that's why dancing is in my genes! Hehe ^.^

The Slangai worn when dancing
The kind of dancing I learnt is The Indian Traditional Dancing called Bharathanatiyam (Natyam). I love this dance so much because I learn how to tell a story through the expressions and movements! There are mainly 2 major level to achieve, but however there a hundred of types of dances in Natyam. After 4 years of training, I completed my first level of the dance in 2000. The ceremony is called Salangai Pooja.

Since then up untill now, I have performed in numerous stages,temples, halls and even houses! I continue learning the dance but now I am allowed to do public performances. Every year, during the Navaratri period, I dance in the temple almost everyday for a month or so. It is a holy week in the Tamil calendar, thus as Natyam is actualy the dance of the Indian Gods; it is a practice to have dances representing the Gods during this season.  I have been dacing with my sister, Shevany. Thus, the both of us always do the performances together. 

On other occasions, I dance for semi-classical songs in mostly Indian events. I have done dances such as the Snake dance, The Dance of Lord Shiva, Malayalam Kuchipudi, Kathargali. I have even danced on a mud pot! 

Me (on the left) as Lord Shiva & Shevany(right) as Devi Parvathi
Dancing on the mud-pot
I have yet to learn a lot more of the types of dances. One of which include dancing in a tray. In my opinion, dancing in the tray is among the most interesting dances. The dancer dances with both feet in a tray and even moves around with it! 

Recently, ever since I started college, I have stopped dancing and so I have put on A LOT of weight! I WILL one day start back and then I hope one day I hope I will be able to complete my traininf in Bharathanatyam. In Natyam, upon completing the graduation ceremony known as Arangetram, one is now qualified to be a Master/Guru.

One of my life-long dream is to be a guru and open my own dance academy!


So yeah, that's the secret of my passion for dancing! do wish me luck to one day achieve my dream!  

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